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Magic Snake - Smart Toy for Cats

Magic Snake - Smart Toy for Cats

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Depression in cats can result in decreased lifespan and even death. Interactive play has a vital role in the happiness of cats. The Pet&Path™ Magic Snake is perfect for keeping cats happy and healthy ❤ Try it risk-free for 30 days or 100% money-back guarantee.
Step 1 - order today

Simply click the add to cart button and checkout securely today to get your order in prgoress.

Step 2 - activate the Pet&Path™ Magic Snake

Activate the Pet&Path™ Magic Snake within a click of a button.

Step 3 - let the magic happen

The snake will start moving on it's own, and your cat will be excited to chase it around and around.


    • Increase your cat's lifespan

Cats are natural hunters, and they need to be active. However, most house cats are bored throughout the day.By providing them with constant stimulus to their instincts, you keep them energetic, happy, and help them stay in shape.

    • Your cat is less likely to ruin your furniture

Is your cat ruining your furniture Providing them with toys that stimulate them, will keep them entertained, and they are less likely to search for another couch to scratch.

    • Highly Durable

Our toy is designed to withstand even the chunkiest cat tackles It also automatically changes its course when it encounters an obstacle.

    • Try it risk-free

With our 30 days money-back guarantee, you can try the Pet&Path™ Magic Snake.If you're not fully satisfied, simply send it back, and we'll provide you with a 100% full refund. No questions asked.

Customer Reviews

Based on 183 reviews
Nova Fisher

No, no, no.

Coralie Dietrich

It is very light but it arrived well and before time.

Alexandro Davis

Super Toy for all the birthdays

Sincere Robel

The hose works well on a smooth floor on carpet with pile is of no use. He looks for a way out to be able to continue driving by means of wheels and moves it like a snake in twists. Hard plastic. It also hangs on a cord over the floor even though the sail is so it must be perfectly smooth. So far only the dog has played with it the cat has not seen it yet but that will be fine. I have only just tried him so I can not make an extensive review to my first impression is good.

Ines Willms

Apparently works well. We need to wait for no faults after charging

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