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Sniff Training Mat Slow Food Interactive Toy

Sniff Training Mat Slow Food Interactive Toy

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The Pet Dog Snuffle Mat offers your pet both mental and physical stimulation with its sturdy fabric construction. Its interactive pockets provide hours of enjoyment for your pup, as they use their sense of smell to search for the treats you hide. This mat will reward and engage your pet in a fun and stimulating way.

This Pet Dog Snuffle Mat Sniffing Feeding Mat offers mental and physical benefits to your pet, providing naturalistic foraging elements which act to stimulate their natural exploration instinct in a simulated habitat.

Dog Feeding Toys: This mat nurtures your pup's sense of smell and provides mental stimulation. It is an effective tool for burning energy and aiding in weight loss. Additionally, it prevents boredom through the inclusion of hiding spots for treats and toys, which can help to prevent destructive behaviors.

Non-slip & Portable: The base is designed with non-slip fabric that secures the mat and prevents the pup from moving it. Its compact design makes the mat easy to fold and store in a bag or hang when not in use, making it a great travel companion.

Dual-use Design: This feeding mat quickly folds into a bowl, promoting proper behavior among canines while also providing an olfactory stimulation for your pup.

Easy to clean: The primary fabric of the sniffing mat is felt, making it eco-friendly and easy to maintain.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Zaria Funk


Thad Frami

Simply Beautiful

Maynard Watsica

It is wonderful, quite big and good quality also arrived in less than 15 days

Claudie Bashirian

This is great, my dogs loved it, it comes super wide and the price super well.

Lacey Kovacek

I'm surprised how fast the snuffle mat came! ordered on the 12/9 it arrived 20/9!
also beyond expectations on the quality of the snuffle mat! the bottom has no-slippery additional fabric and it has handles to hang it when not in use .. the mat comes in a nice reusable bag with a zipper! super satisfied and recommend the product!

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